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Our Story

- Our Story - 


Welcome to our bakery! We are a licensed home gourmet cookie bakery, owned and operated by husband and wife team, Tom and Lynne Toensmeyer. Katie is our daughter who also loves to bake and create recipes when she isn’t busy as an art teacher. Our bakery, located in Hamilton, Ohio, is regulated and inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Starting out as a cottage industry and selling at farmers’ markets and local events, we sold cookies to many people who quickly fell in love with our many different varieties. We use only the finest ingredients in our cookies which include Ghirardelli® chocolate, Domino® pure cane sugar, unbleached flour, and U.S. Grade AA butter.

My intense love for baking and eating cookies is probably an inherited trait. Back in the 1970s and 80s, my mom would make delicious chocolate chip cookies in the evening for just the two of us. We would devour three or four of them at a time with one or two glasses of milk. We would eat them right out of the oven creating many happy experiences that are etched in my memory.

Cookies should not only be pleasing to look at, but also pleasing to the taste buds, whether right out of the oven or even a week later. That is why the three of us decided to experiment on our own. After many taste tests, we believe we have created the perfect recipes for all our cookie varieties.

Wherever we sell our cookies, whether in retail shops, farmers’ markets, community events, or as a fundraiser for an organization, our customers tell us that our cookies are delicious—even the best cookies ever!

We hope that you, too, will experience happy times enjoying our cookies with those you love!

Happy memory making,

Tom, Lynne, and Katie Toensmeyer

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